Friday, March 23, 2012

Dary Vocat and Prof. Ken Moffatt In Conversation: March 24

KWT contemporary presents

Daryl Vocat and Prof. Ken Moffatt
In Conversation

A discussion and Q and A
Daryl Vocat, artist
Ken Moffatt, Ph.D.,
 "Troubled Masculinities: Reimagining Urban Men"

Saturday, March 24, 1 pm
(No charge for admission, but you must reserve a spot.)


Daryl Vocat, What One Does to Another (2012),  Etching on Somerset paper, editon of 10; 10" x 12"

Now showing in the Lower Gallery:
Daryl Vocat: "One Continuous Mistake"

"I use Boy Scout imagery to discuss behavioural norms, sexuality, and the construction of masculinity. These boys exist in the space between how they are expected to behave, and how they want to behave. They fumble through moral experiments while haphazardly staking out their own territory. These characters imitate the world, images and scenarios surrounding them."
Daryl Vocat thanks Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council for their support.
Daryl Vocat is represented by KWT contemporary.

Fiona Crangle, Lucy (2011) ,  oil on canvas, 40" x 60"
Now showing in the Upper Gallery
Fiona Crangle: "Be Prepared"

"It was the overlapping iconography of "sainting" and "scouting" that initiated this body of work: hagiographic symbols litter the insignia, motifs and especially the badges of the world of scouts and guides.  The trials and stages of each saint's quest towards ultimate goodness can be mapped out via an accumulation of scouting badges. The symbols that throughout art history have visually identified each saint - originally for an illiterate audience- are also found in the Catalogue of Scouting Honours. But the similarity does not stop at the symbolic; both these young female saints and Girl Guides are in pursuit of a goal of self betterment, moving toward an ideal vision/version of themselves through a series of challenges. And importantly, both groups are adolescents."
Fiona Crangle is represented by KWT contemporary

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Jessica Vallentin, Administrator
Kristyn Wong-Tam, Owner

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