Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Copping, DeMooy at Inaugural Triennial, Art Gallery of Peterborough

The Art Gallery of Peterborough is celebrating their Inaugural Triennial, March 9 to April 29, 2012.

  Brad Copping and Caroline DeMooy have work included in the Triennial.

Brad Copping, Level Conversation, 2005, H 150 cm x D 11 cm x W 28 cm (variable)
glass, vinyl tubing, water

 Brad Copping, Raindays, 2001 H124 x W12 x D12cm
hotworked and carved glass, glass tubing, wood, metal leaf, brass

Caroline DeMooy: Reminiscence, 2011, oil on board, 54"x60"

Here's what Gil McElroy (March 20, 2012, Akimblog) has to say:

"Over at the Art Gallery of Peterborough, they’ve just opened their Inaugural Triennial Exhibition, focusing on Peterborough-area artists. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that, of course, if this show is at all representative of what’s happening aesthetically in the area, a heck of a lot of artists are working two-dimensionally. There are a lot of paintings and drawings here. So, as a minority-report kind of person, I’ll focus on some of the things – that is, the objects – in the show, like Brad Copping’s work. You could call him a glass artist, but that doesn’t really do justice to what he’s up to. Copping has two works included here, one of which is a wall-mounted piece entitled Level Conversation. It’s by no means a recent work, but still good to see. Two clear drinking glasses affixed to the wall at slightly different heights are connected with one another by a long clear tube the sags down to the floor and is filled with water. There’s water in the glasses as well, more in the slightly lower one, but the top of which is even with the water in the slightly higher glass. It’s a level, of course, a version of a working tool elegantly and simply reimagined. Kudos."

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