Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pearl Van Geest : But this is not a place of words

View Art Sync's interview with Pearl here.

Click on above link to view Pear Van Geest's interview with Micheal Hansen for Art Sync for the exhibition "But This Is Not a Place of Words" which ran from November 6 - 27, 2010.

Pearl Van Geest is interested in questions that arise about the nature of reality and the natural world, our connection to it, and the place of painting within this context. She is compelled by diverse sources: visual, literary philosophical and scientific. In her work, paint is used to explore these questions and ideas. Kiss marks are used as an abstract mark, for their mutable symbolic significance and also because they have a morphological similarity to other natural forms.

" She paints with the sort of id-soaked, primary process-driven intensity often associated with "intuitive" or "outsider" art. However, she and her paintings are far from naive: she is a broadly educated, well traveled person, and a highly skilled, technically adept painter."

Pool, 2007. Oil on canvas. 72″ × 72″;

Cherries in the Snow, 2002. Oil and lipstick on canvas. 72″ × 72″;

Pool, 2007. Oil on canvas. 72″ × 72.

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