Saturday, December 3, 2011

Heather Nicol: "What You (may) Want"

In the "better late than never" category, here is a virtual tour of Heather Nicol's exhibition, "What You (may) Want", which closed on November 19,  2011. Nicol is a multidisciplinary artist, whose practise includes hybrid audio sculptures, sound and light installations, and independent curating.

Exterior shots give a first glimpse of the red "Salon" installation, and the two sound sculptures, "The Object" and "The Lesson", with narratives by Tahireh Lal and Martin Julien, respectively.

The Salon Wall:

"The Lesson"

"When I Get Married (should I get married): featuring the spoken spontaneous thoughts, wishes, hopes and opinions of 20 school girls on the subject of weddings and marriage, from interviews collected by Nicol over several years. The unvarnished truth: surprising, funny and poignant, these childish voices exhibit the keen powers of observation peculiar to the very young.

Small speakers are hidden in the flowers around the perimeter of the sculpture.

"Below the Waist": in which a female voice prescribes an uncannily prescient series of instructions on the proper viewing of art... how close to stand, when to step back, fold your arms, circle the work, and so fort.

A small salon installation in the Mezzanine.

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