Thursday, November 10, 2011

KWT contemporary at the Toronto International Art Fair, 2011

In no particular order, here are some snaps of our booth on various days at the recent Toronto International Art Fair, Art Toronto 2011. 


 In the foreground, Jay Wilson's impossibly ethereal 12 ft tall stalagmite. In spite of fragility, it survived a packed Gala evening, and four subsequent days of capacity crowds. From left to right on the walls: works by Paul Dignan, Kieran Brent, Paul Dignan again, Daryl Vocat's amazing roll of 300 screenprints, and a framed Jay Wilson.

Dagmara Genda's monumental mactac and ink drawing, Amy Tungs lovely miniature triptych sculpture, and our vintage mac, pressed into duty for the slide show.

Another view of the back wall on another day.

Two paintings from Kai McCall.

Daryl Vocat...yes, there really are 300 prints on that roll.

Lauren Nurse self-portrait triptych.


Close up of Jay Wilson's sculpture.

Kieran Brent and Paul Dignan paintings

Jay Wilson's "Above All Else"

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