Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Virtual Tour of Summer Group Show

Jan Ollner Woman Seated on a Bed, 2011, acrylic on board, 30x36

Jan Ollner.... Pearl Van Geest, Shift, 2010, o/c, 60x48

Moira Clarke, Ambient Sonnet, 2006 a/c 48x60
Paul Dignan, Untitled, 2011 a/c, 60x60 and Lauren Nurse Untitled  (deersheds, rubber) 2010
Lauren Nurse
Paul Dignan, Untitled, 2005, a/c, 36x36
Alex D'Arcy, Snowblind, 2010, o/c, 51x39

Svava Thordis Juliusson, Esjublatt, 2011, plastic cable ties
Paula Savasta's installation of 69 small paintings (winner of William Huffman Award)
Jay Wilson, Reckless Abandon, 2011, toothpicks, safety matches, 76x36
Two prints by Daryl Vocat, painting by Cheryl Ruddock and print by Liz Parkinson
Paul Dignan painting, with Jay Wilson installation in background
Carolyn DeMooy painting, in background: video still by David Frankovich and digitized polaroids Paula Savasta
Heather Nicol, Salon Installation, 2010
Monoprint with flocking by Liz Parkinson and o/c diptych by Fiona Crangle

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