Thursday, July 7, 2011

Opening this evening

This evening, from 5 to 7:  the opening reception for Paola Savasta's William Huffman Award Exhibition and our Massive Summer Group Show.

Savasta's "Couches for the Liberated" wraps around three walls of the Mezzanine Gallery...69 miniature paintings of Ikea furniture meticulously installed on a field of green. More is definitely more!

Two large paintings by Kelvin Britton and Kai McCall in the front windows of the gallery set the tone for our Summer Group Show:

The gallery is a blooming, buzzing profusion of colour (with apologies to William James) for our Massive Summer Group Show, featuring paintings, drawings, prints, photography and sculpture by 22 gallery artists.

Moving from front to back through each of our three gallery spaces there are works by Kelvin Britton, Kai McCall, Jan Ollner, Pearl Van Geest, Moira Clark, Paul Dignan, Lauren Nurse, Alex D'Arcy, Svava Juliusson, Jay Wilson, Yvonne Singer, Dagmara Genda, Daryl Vocat, Cheryl Ruddock, Liz Parkinson, Fiona Crangle, Kirsten Johnson, Paola Savasta, David Frankovich, Caroline DeMooy, Heather Nichol and Kieran Brent.

A garden of earthly delights!

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