Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Elevator Art Lab

As any emerging artist soon learns, sitting around waiting for "things" to materialize is not an effective strategy. I am a big admirer of the young artists at Elevator Art Lab. They have taken the bull by the horns, and carved out their own space, with their own resources, and collective effort.

Founded in the fall of 2010, Elevator Art Lab is an independent artist run space in downtown Toronto, encompassing a gallery/event space & resident artists studios. They are a collection of contemporary artists working in the areas of craft, visual art and performance, seeking to broaden the potential at the intersection between artistic disciplines.

Two Elevator members have been visiting artists at KWT (glass artists Aaron Oussoren and Sally McCubbin) and two are represented artists at KWT:  sculptor Annie Tung and installation artist and printmaker Rachael Wong. Annie Tung comes from a metalsmithing background, and Rachael Wong from a glass background. Both make art which, while rooted in process and material, is conceptual in nature. Annie had a solo exhibition with us in January. Rachael was awarded the 2010 RBC Glass Award last fall, and has an upcoming solo exhibition with us this fall.

Elevator Art Lab is having a party this Friday, May 13, 2011 from 3 to midnight, and an open house on Saturday from noon to 6, in their space at 97 Niagara Street.  That's about four blocks south of KWT... why not check it out?

Rachael Wong: Installation detail (blown glass elements,  paint), 2010.

Annie Tung: Love Spoons (cast silver and brass, erotic love poem by Gwendolyn MacEwen, in Braille, meant to be read with one's tongue), 2009.

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