Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Publications for Marina Black

Marina Black's work is included in "Burn O1 Magazine" a collector's edition representing some of the best photographic essays from the Burn Magazine website, edited and published by David Alan Harvey. The publication includes 25 photo essays and various texts, and was printed in Italy (1000 copies). More information, including how to order, here.

Black was also among the 118 photographers from around the world personally invited by James Whitlow Delano to “share with me one photograph that says to 
you, ‘MERCY’” The result is a beautiful book, "The Mercy Project/Inochi".

"The Mercy Project Inochi" is a charity 
photo book project featuring the work 
of  photographers 
from Magnum, VII Photo, Noor, and National 
Geographic, coming 
together to create awareness and raise 
funds for hospice and palliative care.

The book has now been released and can be purchased through Amazon (Japan).

From Niko Koppel's recent  NY Times Lens Blog article:

"Mercy is commonly defined as compassion, forgiveness, kindness or an act of piety. But photographs of prisoners reaching through bars, a wrestler being contorted by masked men and an infant dressed for burial are among the many interpretations of the word in the book “The Mercy Project/Inochi,” created and curated by James Whitlow Delano.
Mr. Delano’s sister, Jeanne, had terminal renal cancer in 2007 and spent her last months in hospice care. “I felt she got merciful care,” he said “Humane care. She was treated like Jeanne.”

With his emotions still raw from that experience, Mr. Delano set out to draw attention and funding to hospice and palliative care. He reached out to other photographers, asking them to submit work for a book based on the concept of mercy. The response was overwhelming.

And it was frequently surprising, sometimes even a bit confounding. “Everyone’s interpretation is absolutely different,” Mr. Delano said. “I didn’t challenge. I didn’t ask. If you say that’s mercy, that’s all I need to know.”


See more of Marina Black's photography here.

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